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     Zahra Ambassadors Program comprises a group of female survivors and volunteers from the ladies of the community who provide psychological and moral support to patients via visiting them in hospitals during therapy period (Chemotherapy rooms, waiting rooms and inpatient rooms after surgery). The Ambassadors receive an intensive course on how to deal with breast cancer patients and visits are afterwards coordinated with the relevant hospitals

    Program Objectives

    ·         Contributing to the improvement of the psychological condition of breast cancer patients within specialized hospitals-

    ·         Sharing charity works with the community members-

    ·         Registering patients in the Association’s database-

    ·         Studying the cases and needs of the patients-

    Presentation and Explanation of the services provided by Zahra Association to the Patients

    Targeted Category

    Breast cancer patients in waiting rooms, chemotherapy rooms and inpatient rooms after surgery.

    Implementation Mechanism

     ( Phase One: announcing the program (one week

    Phase Two: sorting, interviewing and selecting volunteers

     ( Phase Three: A 2-day intensive course covering the following themes (an introductory outline about the Association’s programs, health education, nutrition, psychological dimension and effective communication

    Phase Four: Field training via hospitals visits for two months and subsequent assessment

     (Final Phase: Activation of the Program after passing field training through the commencement of a visiting schedule to be coordinated weekly (visit period from 2 to 3 hours

    Project Geographical Reach

    Riyadh City, Alhassa and soon Jeddah


    25 Ambassadors and 370 patients annually

    Four days per week, 2-3 hours morning or evening



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