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About the program

It aims to rehab the cancer survivors to the stage of post-treatment, through psychosocial support sessions for facing fears of the next stage. In addition to learn coping and health style skills to improve quality-of-life.

Program's Goals

-      Minimizing negative feelings such as anxiety, fear and sadness.

-      Improve life style.

-      Learn coping skills to facing life struggles.

  Target Audience

Cancer survivors who are done of their Chemical and radiation treatment, at least 3 months and above.


Program duration

First step: advertise the program.

Second step: Collocating and sorting the information of cancer survivors by telephone.

Third step: preliminary evaluation through evaluative psychological sessions.

 Fourth step: Pre-Evolution for the survivors through the application of psychological measurements and quality-of-life standard.

Fifth step: Start the sessions (a session for 3 hours, one time a week for 6-8 weeks straight, per year)

Last step: Posty-Evolution to measure the sessions results.   


Program location

Riyadh City.

Number of clients

33 Patients.

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