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About the program

It provides Secondary Advice Service for Cancer patients and the survivors, in several specialities ( physiotherapy, nutrition, psych consult, gynaecologist, dermal, pharmacy and others.) by a group of doctors and specialists.    

Program's Goals

·        Contribution to the education of patients on their medical condition.

·        Involvement of the specialists who sponsoring health-care in charity.

·        Support the patient through providing free special service weekly (one-day a week, for 3-4 hours.

Target Audience

Cancer patients and survivors.

Program duration

First step: Communicate with the specialist to provide free consult for patient by personal telephone.

Second step: advertise the program (per week).

Third step: record the patient information when making reservation.

 Fourth step: Filling the form of Advice Service for patients by the doctors and specialists.

Last step: Evolution.

Program location

Riyadh City.

Number of clients

365 Patients.

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