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About the program

A group of survivors and volunteers, working on support the patients and their families with providing moral and psychological support, and leading them to willingness, strongness, loving life and trust God's measure.


Program Goals:

-      Promote the patients to express their feeling and worries toward coping with Breast Cancer and its risks.

-      Hold meeting between survivors and the patients who were diagnosed recently.

-      Provide accurate information about Breast Cancer, treatment methods and the side effects.

-      Help them to adjust positively and improve communication skills.

-      Provide workshops and monthly lectures for psychological health care, health, and self-improvement.


Target Audience

Cancer patients and survivors.

Program duration

First step: apply a long-term plan includes several activities for them

Second step: advertise monthly meeting.

Third step: coordination with the group leader to confirm the meeting and determine the host with a proposed activity.

 Fourth step: Hold the meeting every month for 4 hours.

Last step: Evolution.

Program location

Riyadh City.

Number of clients

985 patients (2009 from the establishment) 

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