Q- Where are Zahra branches located?

A- Riyadh, Jeddah, Al-Kharj, Madinah, Abha, AlHasa + “Zahra Home” office at the National Guard Hospital, and Zahra office at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh.

Q- Do you provide financial support?

A- We are sorry, we are a charitable Association which is concerned only with raising awareness of the significance of early detection of Breast Cancer. We do not provide financial support. Please see our services in this Link.

Q- Do you receive cases needing Breast Cancer treatment?

A- Currently we don’t, due to lack of adequate donators. However, we provide psychological support. This is our Patient Relations Mobile number: 0555059813.

Q- Where is the exact location of Zahra office in Jeddah?

A- The Office Tower, Al Serafi Mall, 3rd floor. Please click here.

Q- What are the conditions of hair donation?

A- Conditions include:

    -hair should at least be 20cm long.

     -should not be wet or damaged.

     -should not be curly.

Hair donations are to be delivered to the Association Headquarters, or to any of our Collaborating Hairdressers. Please click here.

Q- Do you have an in-house hairdresser?

A- We do not have an in-house hairdresser, but the hair can be cut by one of the Hairdressers collaborating with us, or by any other hairdresser, then delivered to the Association. Please visit Hair Donation Page for the list of our collaborating Hairdressers.

Q- Are there wigs, bras or silicone breast implants available at the Association?

A- Yes, these are available at “Lamsat Zahra” Section at our Headquarters.

Q- How can I become a Zahra member?

A- Complete and send Membership Application.

Q- How can I get a job with Zahra?

A- We are sorry as we, for the time being, do not have any vacancies.

However, you can send your CV to the e-mail shown below and we’ll have a look on it as sson as we have any suitable vacancy: jobs@zahra.org.sa

Q- Do you provide field training?

A- Yes, we do. Please contact our Training & Education Section via this e-mail: mtr@zahra.org.sa

Q- How can I volunteer with the Association?

A- You can complete the Volunteer Application and send it to us.

Q- Is there screening at the Association?

A- No, we don’t do screening at the Association but, however, you can be acquainted with screening locations via our Application or Website where you can find names of our Collaborating Hospitals and the screening discounts they offer.

Q- Do you organize educational lectures?

A- Yes, we do. Please contact our Health Education Section via this e-mail: he@zahra.org.sa

Q- Do you hand out booklets and pink ribbons free of charge?

A- Yes, these are provided free of charge. Please visit us.

Q- How can your Activities Section be reached?

A- Our Activities Section can be reached via either of the following e-mails: activities@zahra.org.sa or activities3@zahra.org.sa

Q- How can companies cooperate with the Association?

A- All relevant corporate details can be forwarded to our Financial Resources Development Section via this e-mail: frd@zahra.org.sa, or this e-mail: mfd@zahra.org.sa

Q- How can financial donation (cash/money transfer) to the Association be made?

A- Cash donation can be made directly at our Headquarters, or via one of our bank accounts shown in our Application or Website.

FAQs Relating to Breast Cancer

Q- What Are the Steps to Breast Self-Examination?

A-  Step1: In Front of the Mirror:

    -Hold arms at your side.

    -Hold arms over your head.

    -Press your hands on your hips and tighten your chest muscles.

    - Bend forward with your hands on your hips.

Step2: Lying Down

        -Lie down on your back with a pillow under your right shoulders.

    - Check your right breast with the three middle fingers of your left hand.

     -Press using light, medium and firm pressure in a circle without lifting your fingers off the skin.

     -Feel for abnormal changes in your breast, above and below your collarbone and in your armpit.

     -Repeat on your left breast using your right hand.


Q- Does the use of antiperspirants / deodorants, sleeping with the bras on cause Breast Cancer?

A- Up till now, there is no study or research or evidence which proves that there is a connection between wearing bras / using deodorants and Breast Cancer.

Q- My mother has Breast Cancer, what are my chances of getting it?

A- Although there is a higher risk of developing the disease if a family member has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. (e.g. a mother, sister, daughter), most of women who are diagnosed with this disease do not have a family history of it.

Q- what is the difference between benign and malignant tumors?

A-    Benign Tumors: are the tumors which, in most cases, can be removed and they do not recur after removal, they do not invade their surroundings or travel around the body.

Malignant Tumors: these are carcinomatous, as they can invade nearby tissues, spread to other tissues and organs within the body and destroy them.

Q- is Breast Cancer contagious?

A- Cancer in general, including Breast Cancer, is not a contagious or infectious disease, meaning that it can not be passed from person to person by breathing the same air, close contact with people with cancer, or even sex.

Q- is it necessary to isolate Breast Cancer patient from others during the course of treatment?

A-  Breast Cancer patient in this stage needs social and psychological support, and the presence of family and friends around her during diagnosis and treatment period. The warmth, love, and care from the patients’ family members, relatives and friends have positive impact on the patient.

Q- How can I reduce my risk of Breast Cancer?

A- Research shows that adopting a healthy lifestyle can decrease the risk of Breast Cancer. This includes eating healthy diets, physical activity, weight control, breast feeding, etc.

Tips:- Consult your doctor if you are on hormone therapy.

·         Avoid smoking

·         Early screening.

Q- Is there a relationship between the breast size and Breast Cancer?

A- There is no medical or scientific evidence to the existence of such relationship.

Q- Does breast biopsy cause cancer spread?

A- Research proved that the tumor does not spread after taking a sample. Such samples are even required before surgery under all American and European protocols.

Q- Is mammography considered a method of treatment?

A- No, mammography is a method of breast imaging for the purpose of diagnosis only.

Q- Does the radiographic screening (mammogram) cause Breast Cancer to spread?

A- Radiographic screening of breast (mammogram) is an X-ray imaging of the breast, and is considered the most accurate method of detecting Breast Cancer when the size of the lump is small, and this aids in the early treatment of the disease. Compressing the breast between two plastic paddles gives a clear and sharp image of the breast but, however, does not cause cancer or cause it to spread.

Q- Is the existence of lumps or masses considered a sign of the existence of cancer?

A- The appearance of lumps or masses does not necessary mean that a cancer exists. Such lumps or masses may be caused by cysts, enlarged lymph nodes, adenitis (inflammation of glands) or acrochordons (skin tags). Whatever the case, such signs must not be neglected, and you have to see the competent doctor for appropriate exam.  

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