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In filial devotion to Zahra: In filial dutifulness to her mother she kept her promise and spread the importance of awareness throughout the kingdom

She suffered .. taught herself .. taught others                                              

The pain which inflicts a person who lost his parents is unbearable and incomparable pain which occurs in a very difficult moment indeed. When I was studying for my Master’s degree in 1994 in the USA my mother, may she rest in peace, developed breast cancer. At that time, I was not aware of anything about this disease, and I mean here that I was literally and totally ignorant, although I am an educated woman and should know at least some information about it but, regretfully, I didn’t.

During the course of treatment of my mother, which extended for several years, I suffered a lot and I learned a lot.

Since my mother developed this disease, I have been trying to know more and more about it, because I wanted to answer the repeated questions which my mother asked about the disease. I found out that I had to have a proper background which enables me to respond to her questions and explain to her.

She, Allah’s Mercy be upon her, used to say to me “Woman must be made aware of this disease, must seek knowledge and information about it by themselves, and must do the screening”.

I carried that message from her and felt that I should start to raise awareness about this disease among the women of our society, and the importance of its early detection, particularly as no body in that period, 1997, was allowed to talk about this disease.

That is when I began to convey to every woman what I have learnt from the sufferings I have experienced with my mother: knowledge and information. The pain I felt after the death of my mother, Zahra, has transformed into a message of knowledge, learning and assistance which I  have to carry and convey to every “Zahra” in our dear country.

Dr. Souad bint M. bin Amer

That is how the success of Zahra Association started. The implementation of the Breast Cancer Awareness Program on began the basis of an idea from Dr. Souad bint M. bin Amer in early 1421H/2001G through holding awareness workshops and seminars in a number of universities, schools and woman centers in Riyadh city. This awareness activity has been expanded and developed when the National Breast Cancer Program Committee was formed in 1424H (2003G) under the chairmanship of Dr. Souad bint M. bin Amer, Head of Breast Cancer Research Unit at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center, Riyadh. This Committee comprises a select number of multi-disciplinary females specialists from several hospitals of Riyadh city.

By the Help and Grace of Allah Almighty, Zahra Breast Cancer Association was formed in early 1428H (2007G) under the presidency of HRH Princess Haifa bint Faisal bin Abdulaziz, and thanks to efforts and contributions of many benefactresses.

Please see this Documentary about Zahra Association’s journey to success

Our Vision:

Together we aspire for a breast cancer – free society.

Our Mission:

A health charitable association which aims to sensitize the public to breast cancer, and provide support to breast cancer diagnosed patients and survivors.


·         Implementation of breast cancer awareness programmes.

·         Activation of the Kingdom’s Comprehensive Screening Programme.

·         Provision of specialized services to sick and recovered patients.

·         Support of scientific and academic studies relating to breast cancer,

·         Organizing training programs aiming to develop the skills of Saudi personnel.

Our Logo:

·         The "Flower": a metonymy of Mrs. Zahra bint Ali bin Harfash, May Allah bless her soul, mother of  Dr. Souad bint M. bin Amer, who died of the same disease.

·         The “Sun”: represents through its rays the spread of knowledge of this disease locally, regionally and globally.

·         The pink symbol: is coherently designed to symbolize exertion of collective efforts to combat this disease.

·         The “12” petals: refer to the number of months in a year, during which breast self-examination should be done on a monthly basis.

·         The upside –down pink logo means, in Arabic, “No” to breast cancer.

·         The dark pink center of the Logo: is an ornamental Arabic, Islamic design denoting the origin of the Association: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

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