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Zahra's Touch Fair founded in Zahra Association, after the idea of creating had been well received by administration board member, offered by one of association member the businesswomen\ Fahda Bint Abdullah Al Kuraidees, who is adopted the material and moral support, with her department since it commenced its work on Sunday, 3 Rajab 1429 H. (6 July 2008), attending by administration board member and number of Breast Cancer survivors, in addition to a group of female media. 



To be the sanctuary to every cancer patient.


Complementing to Zahra Association's message, Zahra's Touch Fair is the first fair provides the necessary cosmetic supplies and substituting alternative especially for Breast Cancer patients, generally for Cancer patients who haven't finished their treatment and on the road to recovery.

That to improve their appearance and to re-entry into the normal life, with the prior opinion of the religious aspects about it.  

Main Goal:

We are seeking to reach a huge number of cancers patients and serving them, through the expansion and provide branches of the fair over Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the support of do-gooders. It would have a significant impact on the project's success and achieve the desired results.

Number of clients:


To connect with the Zahra's touch department:

Tel: 011-4833652

Ext: 212


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