Our values ​​and strategies

      Our Values

      ·         We believe that we are responsible to work and expend efforts to contribute effectively in controlling breast cancer only for the sake of God.

      ·         We are committed to be creative, to teach and learn, spread knowledge and cooperate with others to achieve our objects.

      ·         We believe that awareness and sound knowledge is our mechanism to face health and social challenges which confront individuals and society.

      ·         We believe that our work will result in positive impact on the community, families and individuals.

      ·         We are committed to work according to the highest ethical standards, clarity and complete transparency, and to utilize our financial resources perfectly.

      ·         We believe that scientific research is the best way to solve problems and face challenges.

      ·         We believe in the individual ability to deal with the most difficult problems when received the needed support.

      Our strategy

      The First Theme:

      Protection against breast cancer via spreading health and social awareness among women of the society, and fighting spread of the disease in the community.

      ·         Health Education:

      -Protective health education

      -Medical health education

      -Rehabilitative health education


      ·         Social and Psychological awareness:

      -Curative social and psychological awareness

      -Social development awareness.

      The Second Theme

      ·         Supporting scientific research and cooperating with related bodies to provide the best ways in controlling the disease.

      ·         Cooperating with research think tanks.

      The Third Theme

      ·         Contribute to bettering the services provided to breast cancer patients.

      ·         Prepare national cadres able to deal with the disease of breast cancer.

      ·         Contribute in developing the social policy to better serve breast cancer patients.

      ·         Cooperate with local associations and organizations.

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