Board of administration members

      • HRH Princess

        Hifa Bint Faisal Ibn Abdulaziz Al Saud

        ·         Social service activist and Founder of Zahra Breast Cancer Association, the first healthcare association in this field.

        ·         Chairwoman of Mosaic Club of ambassadors’ wifes in Washington for ten years from 1995 to 2005.

        ·         Member of the Board of Founders and member of the Board of Trustees of Effat University.

        ·         Member of the Board of Trustees of King Faisal Foundation.

        ·         Founder member and Chairwoman of Zahra Breast Cancer Association since 2007.

        ·         Board member of ADHA Association.

        Dr. Souad Bint Mohmad Amer Al Abdullah

        ·         Founder of Zahra Association; first launcher of breast cancer awareness in the Kingdom. Zahra Association has been named after the name of the late Mrs. Zahra bint Ali mother of Dr. Souad bint Abdullah Amer who died of Breast Cancer.

        ·         Member of the Executive Committee.

        ·         Chief of Breast Cancer Research Department at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center.

        ·         Represents the Association in conferences and social occasions to promote the importance of breast cancer awareness in the community.

        ·         Member of the Board of Gulf Federation for Cancer Control.

        Dr. Othman Alqasabi

        Othman Yousif AlQasabi is the holder of Bachelor degree in physiotherapy from king Saud University, 2007. He is a licensed orthopaedic manual therapist and is accredited by Curtin University of Australia. He also holds an Executive Master Degree in Business Administration and Leadership, and a Master Degree in Business Administration and Marketing, He enjoys more than ten years of experience in health administration and marketing. He is also a collaborator with Television and broadcasting stations as well as his activity to spread health culture via social media.

        ·         He participated in establishing huge projects in the field of rehabilitation in both private and public sectors.

        ·         Othman Alqasabi is practicing as senior specialist at physiotherapy of bones, muscles and joints for the eldery. Nowadays he is participating in many researches in the field of “pain and physiotherapy management” for the purpose of serving the profession and enriching the Saudi search content. He participated and is still participating in many Saudi, GCC and international conferences concerning physiotherapy and health awareness.

        ·         Presently he is the Executive Manager for Surgical Services at Sultan bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City.

        Mrs. Sharifa Al Abdulmoniem

        ·         Co-founder of Zahra Association, participated in many of the Association’s programs. She supports health education by preparing awareness stuff, backing our Training and Education Section in the field of programs and research papers, and represents the Association in conferences and social events to highlight the importance of breast cancer awareness.

        ·         Supports the Association in strategic planning and performance monitoring.

        ·         Supports electronic projects and the official website of the Association.

        ·         Specialist in clinical nutrition.

        ·         Chief of Electronics Services at King Faisal Specialist Hospital.

        ·         Member of Mawadda Association, which aims to raise awareness among the public.

        Dr. Muna Al Mushait

        ·         Member of the Shura Council.

        ·         Member and Vice Chairman of the Health Committee at the Shura Council.

        ·         Member of the European Parliament Committee in Brussels, Japan, France, Switzerland and Australia.

        ·         Dean of the University Center for Students Studies and the Faculty of Nursing. Abha. King khalid University.

        ·         Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, King khalid University, Abha, K.S.A.

        ·         Consultant of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility, Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Abha, and King Faisal Military Hospital, Khamis Mushait.

        ·         Part time Consultant of Obstetrics, Gynecology, Infertility and Woman Health, Dr. Hasan Albar Hospital, Abha

        ·         Part time Consultant of Obstetrics, Gynecology, Infertility and Woman Health at Dr. Suliman Habib Specialist Hospital, Riyadh.

        ·         Part time Consultant, Faculty of Medicine, AlFaisal University. Riyadh.

        ·         Member of University Council.

        ·         Member of Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

        ·         Part-time Consultant, Ministry of Higher Education.

        ·         Member of the Saudi Spina Bifida Support Group.

        ·         Member of Zahra Breast Cancer Association.

        ·         Member of the Disabled Children Association.

        ·         Member of Al Janob Woman Charity Association, Abha.

        ·         Member of Rofaida Woman Health Organization.

        The Shura Council issued its decision No 118/68 on 18/2/1437H which was presented to the Higher Authorities, including its approval of Dr. Muna’s project regarding her proposal to add the program of Woman Health to the discussions of the Health Law in the Shura Council after the approval of the Council, after the amendment of the two articles (four and five) of the Health Law which was issued by the Royal Decree No M/11 on 23/3/1423H, to add the (Woman Health Program) and set the national policy for Woman Health and the plans needed for its implementation and development with the cooperation of the concerned parties.

        Mrs. Nouf Al Dowayan

        ·         Co-founder member and Treasure of Zahra Association.

        ·         Member of the Executive Committee, established and participated in many of the Association’s programs and in the ancillary investments of the Association. Contributed materially and morally in realizing the objects of the Association. She represents the Association in conferences and social occasions to highlight the importance of raising awareness of the community of breast cancer.

        ·         Supervisor of the outpatient clinics and specialist of primary physiotherapy, and she is one of the first specialists in treatment of lymphatic edema at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, Riyadh, and Specialist of primary physiotherapy and a licensed trainer in the lymphatic treatment at king Faisal Specialist Hospital.

        Dr. Munira Abdullah Baraja’a

        ·         Family Medicine Consultant, King Abdulaziz Medical City, National Guard, Deputy Manager of the Training Program for Resident Physicians.

        ·         Saudi and Arab Board certificates in Family Medicine, High Studies in Woman Health, Brighton University U.K.

        ·         Member of the Saudi Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Society, Member of the Saudi Board Examinations. Member of the Saudi Society for Family and Community Medicine.

        ·         Co-founder and member of the Board of Zahra Association Since 2012.

        Mrs. / Hanadi Mohmad Al Outhah

        ·         She started her profession in 2003 as an administrative coordinator at the Research Center of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Riyadh Research Center in the Cancer Research Unit, under supervision of Dr. Souad M Amer. She was responsible for the coordination of many research committees in the Center, then she shifted to the coordination of the Committee of the National of Breast Cancer Awareness Program, hence she supervised the organization of many awareness campaigns and events.

        ·         She had been chosen as general manager of Zahra Association by the founder members of Zahra. She successfully achieved the objects of the first and the second Boards for more than eight years up to the end of 2015, and at the same time she helped setting a number of specialist associations.

        ·         She graduated at the Institute of Public Administration and obtained certificates in administration and development. She previously occupied the job of General Manager of the Physio Trio (melajy) Co. and she is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Gulf Cancer Awareness Campaign.

        Mrs. Haifa Al Shamsi

        ·         Co-founder member of Zahra Association.

        ·         Clinical/Psychologist Specialist.

        ·         Has long experience in dealing with children and their parents.

        ·         Founder of Blosom Program (Psychological and health support groups for surviors of breast cancer); one of Zahra projects. Licensed trainer accredited by the American Board of Trainers Association.

        ·         Represents the Association in conferences and social occasions to highlight the importance of raising awareness of breast cancer in the community.

        Mrs. Awatif Al Hoshan

        ·         Ex-Chief of the Financial Unit of the Educational Supervision Office at the Ministry of Defense, Riyadh.

        ·         Volunteered in Zahra Breast Cancer Association in 1435 H.

        ·         Member of Zahra Ambassadors Program, and extended her support to the Association in many programs and lectures.

        ·         Bachelor of Arts/History, King Abdulaziz University.

          Ms. Nesreen AlHammad
      •  Dr . Awadh AlQahtani
      • Dr . Ali AlZahrani  
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