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By the Grace and Blessing of Allah, and through the assistance and support of many benefactors and major private companies and organizations, Zahra Association has been enabled to maintain the achievement of its goals, and implement several of its projects which, without that philanthropic help and support, could have not been able to see the light.

However, we are still looking forward to keeping up our march and endeavours to combat and roll back the spread of Breast Cancer among the Women of our endeared Kingdom.

Donation Options:

You can help us stay the course of curtailing the Breast Cancer disease through your donations and support :

1-      Direct bank transfers, for the support of Zahra Association and its programmes

2-      Cash donations at Zahra Headquarters, or any of its coordination offices.

3-      Transfer through the POS (Point of Sale) available at the Association, or with Zahra’s representatives in some public events.

4-      Purchase of pink products available at the Association. 

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